How to Finally Finish Your First Book

without all the anxiety, self-doubt, and worry about how it all fits together -- or getting completely derailed by Real Life.

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The 5 Biggest Reasons Most Writers Don’t Finish Their Books

And how to ensure you definitely WILL finish yours, even when Real Life wants to get in the way and push you off course.


Key Shifts in Thinking About Your Writing Practice

That will move you from feeling bombarded with self-doubt and trapped in your own unproductive patterns, to being able to finish a completed first draft of your book with ease and even (gasp!) some joy and pleasure.


How Science Supports Your Muse 

How the social science of creativity and some exciting new developments in brain science can transform your understanding of your personal writing process.


How Loving Accountability and Science-backed Tools Can Get You to “The End” of Your Book

without being stuck, constantly distracted, or having to leave your family and run away to a remote, off-grid cabin in Maine...

"Rhonda is generous, warm, and extremely supportive to writers at all levels, and her approach was enlightening. With Rhonda’s inspiring and expert guidance, I gained a sense of momentum that allowed me to follow through on the writing commitments I made to myself. I highly recommend Rhonda as a mentor and instructor."


Let me ask you: how badly do you want to finish your book?

A lot of writers just abandon their half-finished books to collect dust in a drawer or closet.

And I sooo get it. I used to buy pretty manuscript boxes just to store the half-books I'd abandoned.

It's so easy to let self-doubt creep in... and then you tell yourself that you’ll come back to it and write again next week. But then life gets in the way and next week never comes.

Sometimes we feel all alone with demands of our book… overwhelmed at the enormity of our specific project and super-anxious because we're just not sure exactly what we need to do next to finish this darn thing. 

But as someone who feels called to write you can’t afford to abandon your writing dreams, or one day you might look in the mirror and not recognize yourself as "Writer" at all.

And the moment you feel lost and wandering all alone in the dark fighting your book -- the same book you once loved like your own child -- it can feel tough to recover.

But look...

Even if you’ve set your manuscript aside and haven’t looked at it a while, it’s not too late to finish your draft and feel excited about the writing process again.

Everything I've learned in my MFA in Creative Writing, plus all my years of writing and publishing while single-parenting with a busy full-time job, tells me that you absolutely CAN get your book out in the world and finally add “Author” to your list of accomplishments and your bio.

And this is definitely possible as long as you can avoid the deadly first book completion mistakes other writers are making.

Join me in this new free Masterclass to learn the key ingredients to help you complete a first full draft of your book in just 12 weeks.

A Personal Invitation from Rhonda

My name is Rhonda Douglas, and I am a published and award-winning poet and fiction writer. I've been a writing mentor for many years offering live workshops, one-on-one editorial support and creativity coaching.

I was also a single mother for a loong time as I finished my graduate studies while working full-time in my day-job in non-profit management AND finishing and publishing my two books. So I know what busy looks like (!) and how to fit the writing in to maintain my writing life.

This free Masterclass is perfect for the writer who has been dreaming about finishing her very own book ever since she was a little kid reading under the covers with a flashlight.

If you're committed to making 2019 the year you FINALLY finish your book, I can't wait to share the practical tips that have worked for me and my students, including a few cool new things science has to offer for when the Muse isn’t cooperating.


See you there!




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